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We are mission-driven: We are dedicated to serve the next generation of school leaders.

中国十大网赌正规排名的个性化, hands-on approach ensures that school’s find their perfect leaders, and that aspiring and experienced leaders have access to the guidance and resources they need to achieve long term success and make a difference throughout their careers.


We are powered by a team of experienced leaders in education.

Our members average more than 30 years of experience in independent education leadership as former educators or administrators at some of the nation’s top institutions.

We know the value of collaboration and bring the collective knowledge and combined expertise of our full team into every project.


We never stop learning, and never stop teaching.

Education is the focus of all we do, and our collective expertise is kept fresh with a full team of former heads learning, 建议, and innovating together. Our services extend beyond search and placement, helping schools and leaders at any stage in their careers learn, 成长, 做到最好, and make a bigger impact.


We know the business of independent education—and we make our work personal.

We bring a high level of professionalism, 真诚, and authenticity to everything we do, caring about the success of our schools and the leaders that we place in a deeply personal way.

We know that every school is different with its own set of challenges and strengths, and we have small teams of consultants that work intimately with each school, their search committee, and the candidates that we find.

中国网赌正规网站 · Education · Access · Development ·

中国网赌正规网站 · Education · Access · Development ·

David R. 多尔蒂
Director, 高管培训 Program

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Although I retired from The Hill School six years ago, people still call me “Headmaster.” I am deeply honored.

Now, as a retired school head, I want to “pay it forward” with thanks.

And so I joined a dozen other recently retired heads at The Education Group to create the 高管培训 program to address the key challenges and opportunities of a new head’s first year.

Such programs are standard in business, but still new in education. New heads are expected to know everything!

现在, read about our program and the bios of our team, which uniquely consists exclusively of former school heads. Then, please e-mail me to ask questions or arrange a time to talk about your work and ours.

Again, good luck to you. We wish you the best at this exciting and important time.


David R. 多尔蒂

Director, 高管培训 Program

凯瑟琳·米. 斯图尔特总统

In 2024, I will celebrate two decades of collaborating with independent schools. The partnership between my passion for education and TEG’s professional expertise has been an amazing adventure that has been incredibly rewarding. 在这个领域, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a variety of schools, each with their own vision and challenges and I am consistently impressed by their unwavering dedication to excellence. Independent schools are driven by a contagious enthusiasm for progress, 创新, and maintaining the highest educational standards.

One of the most rewarding aspects of consulting for independent schools is how it's a two-way street for 成长th. The exchange of ideas, thorough analysis of best practices, and crafting of tailored solutions have expanded TEG's knowledge and problem-solving abilities while allowing our team of consultants to contribute significantly to the education sector. Our field is an intellectually stimulating profession that keeps our team motivated to pursue excellence.

创新, forward-thinking atmosphere of independent schools aligns perfectly with my desire for professional 成长th. The freedom to explore new strategies, adapt to evolving trends, and implement progressive solutions is truly invigorating. This pursuit of excellence is not just inspiring; it continually motivates me to raise the bar in TEG's consultancy services. Please reach out to find out more about TEG’s services.


凯瑟琳·米. 斯图尔特